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Secret Show At Shinjuku Station

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Secret Show At Shinjuku Station

GazettE, the

musicJAPANplus previously reported that a mysterious message on the GazettE's website warned of an upcoming concert at a secret location, and also that suspicious activity took place on the night of the 15th in Kabukicho. As it turns out, it indeed was the Gazette performing at the outdoor stage that night!

Seven thousand people gathered at Shinjuku station's east exit to hear the band play, no doubt stopping traffic in the street and on the sidewalk. The band had to stop the performance after only two songs, "LEECH" and "Filth in the beauty", because of the possibility of dangerous situations arising due to the number of people flocking to the scene. Despite being only 10 minutes long, it was a fabulous performance.

Were you there? Did you see it? Share your thoughts in the coolJAPAN forum a.s.a.p., we want to know how it went!