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New Single Tops Download Charts


With her first single since changing her name from "Arashiro Beni" to just "Beni", the beautiful pop star has rocketed straight to the top of the mobile phone download charts. "Mou Ni Do to" is a sort of sequel to Douji-T's single "Mou Ichi do... feat. BENI", on which she obviously provided duet vocals.

The single hits stores December 10th, and is a fresh start to go with a fresh new name.

Incidentally, not only was the song download number one on popular download sites on November 12th, but its lyrics were also the number one query on well-known Japanese lyrics database "Uta Net"'s mobile subsidiary. The song is said to be a touching love song worthy of its two top spots. Be sure to check out a preview wherever you can, and grab your copy next month when it hits the shelves of your favourite (online?) store.