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New DVD This Xmas!

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New DVD This Xmas!

Plastic Tree

Plastic Tree fans will be happy to hear that the band is going to release a DVD filled with footage of their last tour, including the overseas shows.

December 24th, Plastic Tree will release "Plastic Tree Road Movie", a two-disc set crammed with coverage of their all Japan tour, plus film from the shows they played overseas. On these discs, you will not only get a glimpse into their live shows, but also backstage, dressing rooms, pre-performance and just plain footage of them in their daily lives.

This is a rare opportunity for fans of any band, so be sure to pick up a copy when the release hits stores on Xmas Eve. The limited pressing will include a special t-shirt made just for the DVD release, and the discs themselves will be in special packaging. The regular pressing also includes some bonus footage.