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More BREAKERZ This Winter

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More BREAKERZ This Winter


The BREAKERZ's September release, the double a-side "Sekai Wa Odoru / Shakunetsu", made it all the way to the #6 spot on the Oricon charts, and they have recently announced that fans can expect two more singles from them come this winter.

The BREAKERZ will release the following two singles on November 5th: the love song "Angelic Smile", and a Christmas song, "Winter Party". The singles will be released as dual a-sides... sort of; two pressings will be made of two singles, "Angelic Smile" and "Winter Party", with the A pressing including a DVD with the music video of the title track, and the B pressing including only the CD. The track listings of each single will include both songs, but there will be four different pieces of jacket artwork to go with the four versions that are being released.

In other BREAKERZ release news, they are also going to be releasing their third album on November 26th! The album will be released as four different versions: type A will include a 60 minute DVD of live footage coming from their first anniversary show at Shibuya AX; type B will include a DVD with every music video from all their singles; type C will include an 80 page photo booklet, and a "regular" type will include only the CD.

How on Earth will you decide which album to buy?? And which of the four types of their upcoming single? It's going to be a busy time for the BREAKERZ next month. Can your wallet handle it?