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New Single In A Few Days

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New Single In A Few Days

Sendai Kamotsu

Sendai Kamotsu is definitely not Nightmare.

But now that Nightmare has finished touring, it's time for Sendai Kamotsu to storm the j-rock scene. They're doing so with a new, double a-side single coming out soon, and a busy live schedule for the month of October.

The single, titled "Umanami De. / Zekkou Kado", hits stores on October 15th, and will be released in three versions: "Umanami De." will include its music video, "Zekkou Kado" will include its respective video, and a third disc "Umanami De. / Zekkou Kado" will include only the two songs on CD. Both DVDs will include making of and offshoot videos from their respective music video features.

"Umanami De." is also the theme song of Nippon TV's new anime, "Zettai Yareru Girisha Shinwa", which began showing on October 4th.