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A Tangle With Rude Staff

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A Tangle With Rude Staff


YOSHIKI, who is somewhat known to have a short temper, experienced some trouble today when he tried to meet up with Japanese sumo wrestler Hakuhou Shou.

The well-known Yokozuna (the highest title awarded to a sumo wrestler) invited YOSHIKI to a sumo match today, but there was some confusion over the rock star's seat, and his presence ended up causing a scene due to his popularity. Thinking he should go, YOSHIKI intended to stop the ruckus by leaving quickly, but was told by the sumo staff that Hakuhou was really looking forward to meeting him, so he decided to stay and wait. After thirty minutes, he was finally allowed to see Hakuhou, but was rudely rushed and ordered around by the wrestler's staff, who barely even allowed him enough time to remove his shoes before walking on tatami mats. (It's considered a major faux pas to walk on tatami in shoes.) The atmosphere was also extremely uncomfortable due to the number of photographers on hand, who also made it difficult for YOSHIKI to navigate his way between the entrance and the wrestlers' 'back stage' area.

Once he left Hakuhou's side, YOSHIKI heatedly expressed his anger regarding the situation to Hakuhou's staff, who apologized. Hakuhou himself later joined YOSHIKI at dinner to apologize, but YOSHIKI insisted that it was not Hakuhou's fault, and wore a genuine smile throughout their second meeting.

The day left such a sour taste in his mouth that YOSHIKI contacted a popular sports newspaper and asked them to publish two letters that explained the situation, one of which he had written himself. Reiterating what was said in the management letter issued by X JAPAN's management, YOSHIKI said, "I don't understand why the sumo management and staff invited a guest and behaved so rudely toward them. But I am glad Hakuhou celebrated his eighth victory, and I hope he can continue to perform well in the future."