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girugamesh Holding All-Night Event for "Tokyo Sadistic -Buttooshi 13 days-"!

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girugamesh Holding All-Night Event for "Tokyo Sadistic -Buttooshi 13 days-"!

girugamesh / event / release

On February 27th, girugamesh will start to occupy the live house Shibuya WWW for a total of 13 days, of which all performances have sold out completely. And now, an even more "sadistic" happening has been announced!

Right in the middle of the event, on March 3rd, the band will be holding a special all-night event under the title "Sadistic de Konya mo Nere-Night", which coincides with their performance in whish they are planning to turn the live house into Otaku district Akihabara.

While all 13 days of the performances are planned under a certain theme, there will also be a Karaoke night, which promises some rather rare songs a little ahead of time.

While the girugamesh members themselves might not actually performing during the all-night event, there are certainly enough things to get excited about.

Also, while the tickets for the whole 13 days are actually sold out, tickets for the event can be bought at Shibuya WWW starting on February 27th.

Moreover, today on February 22nd, finally their DVD "Gaisen-Kouen 'CHIBA", which contains girugamesh's first hall performance in their home prefecture! The performance had been held last year on February 5th.

LIVE DVD "Gaisen-Kouen 'CHIBA'"
Release Date: 2012/02/22
Price: 4,200 Yen (tax in)

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