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Location Set For New Year's Eve Show

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Location Set For New Year's Eve Show


At the huge press conference held in Tokyo on September 15th, YOSHIKI announced that X JAPAN would hold a New Year's Eve countdown show somewhere in Tokyo. The venue has finally been announced!!

If any one thing can be predicted about the show, it's this: it will sell out, and probably as fast as you can blink your eye. Why is that? The venue is going to be Akasaka BLITZ, which is a closet in comparison to the last two venues the band as played in (Ajinomoto Stadium and Tokyo Dome). BLITZ holds a mere 1147 people with standing space on its first floor, and 120 more on its second floor, seated balcony. In total, 1267 people will be able to attend this eagerly anticipated event!

Before then, however, you can catch the band on their world tour in the following countries: November 22nd in France, January 7th in Hong Kong, January 31st in Bangkok, February 14th in Taiwan, and March 21st in Korea.

Keep your eyes peeled and watching musicJAPANplus for more information on further details and ticket sales. Good luck!