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Xmas, New Music And ROCKSTAR, Oh My!

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Xmas, New Music And ROCKSTAR, Oh My!


At the big X JAPAN press conference held a few days ago, YOSHIKI announced that X JAPAN will perform a "Coundown Live" in Japan. Unfortunately... no details other than this snappy title have been announced. Fans should expect shows around Xmas (natch) and the New Year. YOSHIKI also said that X JAPAN is working on a new release, though no possible dates or titles were shared.

In other X JAPAN related news, YOSHIKI that he will team up with the American company that makes the energy drink ROCKSTAR, to bring the drink to Japan. The ROCKSTAR name is famous in Japan for the ROCKSTAR TOUR of CHAOS, on which bands Mucc, The Underneath and D'espairsRay were recently featured. At the big press conference, the first 5000 entrants received a free can of the energy drink. It will soon begin distribution at convenience stores in Japan.

It was also announced that YOSHIKI will be involved in a tribute to legendary filmmaker Akira Kurosawa, though no further details on the project were released.