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TOSHI To Release Collection Of Duets

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TOSHI To Release Collection Of Duets


X JAPAN's TOSHI only just finished up a Zepp tour with his eco-rock group TOSHI with T-EARTH, and starting in November X JAPAN will be back in attack mode, heading out on tour all over the world as well as playing in Japan before the year is out. September 30th will also mark the release of a new solo CD from TOSHI, called "TOSHI DUET I ~Towa Ni Tabisuru Koto~". The title comes from a song by David Foster called "The Prayer", which TOSHI recorded with rising female star TIERRA. With new lyrics and a fresh, new sound, the song has been reborn on this upcoming release as "Towa Ni Tabisuru Koto".

TOSHI also sang a song with Moritani Kaori called "Shounen", and the musicians playing the stringed instruments in the background are some of New York's very finest. Even if you're not interested in X JAPAN or TOSHI with T-EARTH, you won't want to miss this collection of TOSHI's husky voice mixed harmoniously with the magnificent voices of fantastic women.

The CD will cost 2300 JPY (about $21.50).