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X JAPAN Press Conference Location Revealed

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X JAPAN Press Conference Location Revealed


There's so much being said about X JAPAN this week, and here's the latest news: the press conference to which YOSHIKI alluded in his last official statement has been announced! The conference will take place on September 15th, at Yoyogi's Kyougijou Olympic Plaza. Admission is free, and it will begin at noon and end at 1 PM.

At the conference, YOSHIKI will discuss X JAPAN's activities through the end of the year, as well as announce the mystery project he has been tantalizing fans and reporters with since last week. The first 3000 people admitted to the venue will receive free commemorative X JAPAN Street ARMY t-shirts, a sure sign that the line of people waiting to get in will not only be endlessly long, but also begin two hours or more before the conferences is scheduled to begin.

Attendees are asked to bring their X JAPAN goods (shirts, CDs, etc.) and a fighting spirit. Will you be there?