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Yoshiki Photographed At Hollywood Charity Party

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Yoshiki Photographed At Hollywood Charity Party


Help As One is a charity based in America that aims to help children through music, says CEO Elgin Haynie, who can be seen in the photo below on the left. Several famous American musicians have pledged support to the charity, including Beyonce, Mariah Carey, and Michael Jackson. X JAPAN's Hayashi Yoshiki joined their numbers at a launch party on August 31st.

The charity's CEO was born unable to hear in his right ear due to an irregularity with his jawbone. However, thanks to many facial surgeries, he regained his ability. He hopes, through the charitable organization, to be able to help many children with similar hearing deficiencies.

This isn't the first time Yoshiki has participated in a charity event in America; in 2004 he took part in Bulllrun, a racing event in which participants had to drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, then on to Miami. He and the rest of X JAPAN can be seen performing in Paris on November 22nd, at the Palais Omnisports Paris Bercy. Tickets to the concert will go on sale September 5th.