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ViViD Successfully Finishing Hong Kong Performance!

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ViViD Successfully Finishing Hong Kong Performance!

ViViD / live

On November 5th, ViViV have been performing their one-man show in Hong Kong and have brought the event to a successful finish! After their event participation in August this year, they have been playing in Hong Kong for the second time, but it was their first solo performance!

The performance marks the first day of their Asian tour and the band had been received exceptionally well by their fans, which showed great excitement throughout the performance as well.

"We are ViViD! Let's get wild!" Shin shouted in Cantonese.

ViViD performed their new song "FAKE", which will be released tomorrow on November 9th in Japan and is also scheduled to be released in Hong Kong. The song has also been the theme song for the mobile game "Koi to Shigoto to Kimi no Produce", featuring the ViViD members as well.

Of course their first major single "YUME ~Mugen no Kanata~" was also part of the set amongst a total of 16 songs.

The next shows will be held in Taiwan and Singapore, before ViViD will be heading towards their first appearance at Nippon Budokan in January 2012.

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