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GLOBAL PS COMPANY Program "GFCちゃねる" Coming Up This Week!

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GLOBAL PS COMPANY Program "GFCちゃねる" Coming Up This Week!

GazettE, the / A9 / Kra / SuG / ViViD / D=OUT / SCREW / BORN / FC INFO

While Alice Nine and Kra have been celebrating their respective 10th and 7th anniversary recently with performances, all bands of PS COMPANY are working hard to keep their overseas fans entertained!

This week, once again, the GLOBAL PS COMPANY monthly program "GFCちゃねる" will be airing again, introducing the remaining bands of PS COMPANY. While Kra had been participating last time amongst others, Alice Nine are scheduled to appear on during this "Pre-Play" version of the program.

In the following months, the program will finally come up live, brought to you by program host NAOKI (former Kagrra, bassist Nao) with many interesting and fun contents and projects!

Of course the channel is reserved for members of the GLOBAL PS CONPANY FAN CLUB only and is scheduled to become an interactive program in the near future.

We hope all members will enjoy the upcoming "GFCちゃねる"!!
Make sure to check out who will be guests this time!

[Airing Information]
"GFCちゃんねる - Pre-Play vol.2"
Airing Time: 2011/09/15 (Thu) From 13:00hrs (JST)
* The program will again be archived in the following days after the airing.

Become a member of the GLOBAL PS COMPANY FAN CLUB here!
Watch exclusive videos here! [GFC Members Only!]
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