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X JAPAN's Hasty Press Conference

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X JAPAN's Hasty Press Conference

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On June 17th, the members of X JAPAN held a press conference at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Tokyo to officially confirm the postponement of their world tour.

- There has been speculation that X JAPAN's world tour will never happen, and that X JAPAN will have to halt activity permanently. Could you address these rumours? Please also start with a greeting.

T (a.k.a. TOSHI): Hello everybody, I'm TOSHI. Thank you for making time in your busy schedule. All the members of X JAPAN wanted to be here today, including YOSHIKI, but he could not join us due to his injury so we apologize on his behalf. Today we would like to explain his condition and our actions regarding the tour.

P (a.k.a. PATA): I'm PATA. Thank you for taking the time to be with us today.

H (a.k.a. HEATH): I'm HEATH. Thank you for coming.

- What's going to happen concerning your tour?

T: At this time we have decided to postpone our performances in Paris, Taipei and New York, though we'd already announced the dates. We are terribly sorry to all the fans that were looking forward to these shows, and for causing so much trouble.

P: I'm sorry; I was looking forward to this tour, too. Remember that ‘postponed' doesn't mean ‘canceled'. Please wait a little longer and continue to look forward to these concerts. I will, too.

H: I hope to perform with X JAPAN at the earliest possible date.

- Could you tell us about YOSHIKI's condition?

T: He was ordered to stop the performing by his doctor due to the aggravation of his chronic injuries: a cervical disc herniation and tendonitis. He is now in recovery in Los Angeles. I hope he takes it easy. We talked about the tour on a telephone, and according to him he can do regular things all right, but his condition makes it difficult to play the drums. I could tell how sad he was on the phone. We're acting cautiously now, and will surely to cover all the bases when we return.

- Has YOSHIKI been suffering since the three Tokyo Dome shows?

T: His doctor explained to him that playing the drums is very risky, and told him he should at least wear a brace, but he did not do that because he was so excited to be in front of the fans again. He also really overexerted himself beyond imagination at the first show, like when he dove into his drum set and hurt himself. We played at the hide Memorial Summit soon after those three shows, and I guess the burden was too monstrous for him to bear all at once.

- He was suddenly worn out?

T: Yes. He is a man with a strong sense of responsibility when it comes to X JAPAN.

- Fans both in Japan and all over the world are worried about you all.

T: I heard that many fans overseas visited our site searching for information, and they continue to hope that our world tour will happen. I would like to stay in music so that we can send our message to the world from Japan, because we are X “JAPAN”.

- Could you tell us more about YOSHIKI's medical treatment?

T: He is intent on healing his body using all kinds of eastern and western medicine.

- The world is eager to have more X JAPAN, but you won't appear before fans for a while.

T: We're using this time as preparation for our next advance. We will proceed to “attack” as soon as we are ready.

- Finally, please give a message to your fans all over the world.

P: I'm extremely sorry, but again… this is just a delay. So wait just a little longer.

H: I would like to show all of you how great X is on stage. Please look forward to our shows.

T: Though we had to postpone our X tour, all of us, including YOSHIKI, have a lot of ambitions; we also perform as solo musicians. As always, we appreciate your continuing support. We are sure to be back on stage when we're ready, to try and use our music to make a beautiful world.

At the end of interview, TOSHI discussed their plans for Japan Expo.

T: YOSHIKI told us that he would still like to go to the Japan Expo. We'd like to go, too, if we can. Thank you.

musicJAPANplus will be watching for the return of X JAPAN!

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