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** At the present time when joining the Club Euclid International PayPal requires your PayPal account to have a credit card attached to it for back payment security reasons. You are able to pay the subscription fee with your PayPal balance but a valid credit card must be attached to the account.

Fan Club Membership Terms Published April 2013

[Article 1(Name)]
The name of the headquarters is Club Euclid International (Hereinafter "Fan Club")

[Article 2 (Purpose)]
This is a Fan Club that supports Golden Bomber, Guild, Anli Pollicino and Zombie around the world.

[Article 3(Applicable artists)]
As of April, 2013, the artists applicable for this service are as following:
Golden Bomber, Guild, Anli Pollicino, Zombie
Please note that the above artists are subject to change due to the circumstances beyond our control.

[Article 4 (Prohibited Acts)]
*It is prohibited to harass or offend other members or the administration staff. In case of violation, all services of the user will be suspended and the membership is discarded.
There will not be any refund made in the case above, even there would be time is left in the membership term.
*Reproducing, use, broadcasting, publishing, and citation of contents (The Artis's images, documents, writings, illustrations, etc.) are strictly prohibited by Law.
*It is prohibited to resell or purchase any products (including concert tickets, goods) to and from third parties. In case of violation, the membership of the user will be discarded.
There will not be any refund made in the case above, even there would be time is left in the membership term.

[Article 5 (How to Register for a Membership)]
People who wish to register for a membership, please read and agree "FC information", "Private Policy", "Term of Use" before registration. The completion of the registration is considered as you have agreed all of the conditions.
All the payments (Annual fee 5,000 yen. For the Automatic Subscription the 2nd year and onwards will be 4,000 yen. For other subscriptions, the Annual fee will be 5,000 yen) must be made in the method in which we provide. Fan Club collects your personal information (your name, address, telephone number, E-mail address and date of birth).

Registration of your membership is completed when your personal information and the payment have been confirmed. You are able to access the limited site upon the completion of the registration. The term of the membership is one year, and is automatically renewed onwards if you choose automatic subscription. If you do not wish to renew, please cancel the membership by the end of the term year.
Please note that if you do not renew your membership, your membership will extinguish on the day you cancel your subscription.

Please note that Fan Club may refuse to accept you to for a membership if you have committed a crime or any public act of misconduct in the past, or if we determine that you are not credit-worthy based on our standard.

This site is not intended for use by children under the age of 18 without the approval of parent(s) or guardian(s). You must comply with the age limit. You must have an approval from your parent(s) or guardian(s) when becoming a member.

Fan Club limits the number of applications which has the same address and might ask for your ID for confirmation to avoid illegal sales of concert tickets and limited goods. Duplicate registration (including registration to both Club Euclid International and CLUB EUCLID), using unrelated person’s name, anonymous, or false names are strongly prohibited. In case of violation, your membership is cancelled and no refunds are made for any payments. If an error has occurred during the payments, no refunds are made unless the error has been proved.

If an error has occurred during the payment, the payment can not be refunded unless there is a proof.

[Article 6(Shipment)]
If the address registered on PayPal is different from that of Fan Club site, we prioritize the address registered on the Fan Club site to send the membership card and other goods.

[Article 7 (Handling your personal information)]
Fan Club only uses your personal information for its administration purpose.
Fan Club will not provide or release the information to any third party, but not limited in case of involvement of a third party for relevant service. Further detail is provided in the Fan Club Privacy Policy.

Fan Club uses your personal information in the database to confirm the identification. You must agree that you are solely responsible for all of your personal information, whether publicly posted or privately transmitted on Fan Club site or any other site. We are not responsible for any problem caused by the mismanagement of the account holder.

Fan Club is not liable to you or any third party in any way for any of your personal information, including, but not limited to, any errors or omissions in any user content, and/or any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the use of any user content posted, emailed, transmitted or otherwise made available via the site.

[Article 8 (Membership renewal and withdrawal)]
The membership is renewed automatically only when you have chosen automatic subscription when entering the fan club. If you wish to cancel, or do not wish to renewal, please cancel subscription in your PayPal account by the end of the term.
For how to cancel subscription, please visit: PayPal (

For any fault by PayPal service, or/and in an incident that the renewal has been occurred without your intention, no refunds are made unless the error has been proven. Furthermore, once the membership is cancelled, your membership record(rights, registration, number) are completely deleted. For registration after once cancelled, you are obliged to go through the initial registration procedure and will be charged for a membership fee.

Furthermore, if you delete or amend your PayPal account or/and subscription with your intention or even by your own mistake, the fan club account will be automatically deleted and processed to be withdrawn. Please note that if you wish to become a member of the fan club again, you are required to go through the initial registration procedure and will be charged for annual membership fee.

Please note that no refunds are made for these processes.

If you choose one year subscription, your membership term will be one year.
You can renew your membership until your expiration date by yourself and continue using the service. (Annual fee will be 5,000 YEN) You can keep your membership rights, registration, and membership number.

You can unsubscribe any time, but please notice that from the day of your cancelation, all the services will stop and there will be no refund made in any case.

[Article 9(Service)]
Fan Club will provide services to all its members as below:
- Issue of a membership card
- Access to exclusive site, information, articles.
- Pre-sale ticket
- Original goods sale
- Gifts (by lottery)
- Others: Right to participate the members-only events
*In principle, all of the tickets are served on a first comes first served basis. Please note that type of ticket or the type of venues you wish to get may not be available, or not being able to purchase due to the capacity of the venue or other issues. Furthermore, reserved seats are not available.
*Please note that no refunds are made in any case once you cancel the ticket after purchasing.
* Membership-only information and material may not be provided on the scheduled time due to the problem caused by internet connection or natural disaster. In such cases, the material will be rescheduled, however, please note that there may be further delay or cancellation by unexpected internet problems such as virus attack, hacking, or/and other relevant issues.
*The winner of the members-only gift is chosen by lottery and is informed by the time of the delivery.

[Article 10 (Handling membership, membership number and password)]
Handling membership, membership number and issued password must be complied as below three points.
We are not liable for any harm caused by theft or misusage of your membership number or password, disclosure of your membership number or password, or your authorization of anyone else to use your membership number or password. In addition, we are not liable for any unexpected incident.

*Do not lend your membership card to the third party
*You can not give or sell the membership or membership rights
*Do not share, provide or release your membership number and password to a third party.
*If you have a reason to believe that someone else has used your membership number and password, please report to Fan Club immediately.
*For other enquiry, please contact: email:

[Article 11(Modifying your registration information)]
When you change your resident address or E-mail address, please update your personal information on the site and let us know immediately.
*The items are shipped to the address registered. The Fan Club is not responsible for any undelivered items due to not being informed of the updated address.
Fan Club will not be responsible for any of undelivered items.

[Article 12(Withdrawal from membership)]
This fan club membership has 2 kinds of services. One is automatic subscription, in which your membership will be renewed automatically, and one year subscription, in which you have to manually renew your membership.
In either service, if you wish to stop the renewal of the membership, or cancel your account, please cancel in accordance to the procedures. If you wish to withdraw with your own intention, please note that Fan Club will not refund the annual fee with no exceptions.

How to withdraw: If you have chosen automatic subscription, please login to PayPal and cancel the subscription by the end of the membership term. For detail, please see here: PayPal (

If you have chosen one year subscription, please make your renewal following the instructions the Expiration Notice Mail sent by the expiration date. If you do not manually renew your membership, you will automatically be withdrawn.
If you violate this agreement and cause any damage to the Artists, members or the administration staff, all of your access to the Fan Club will be immediately canceled and your membership withdrawn. The annual membership fee is not refunded with no exceptions.

[Article 13(Change, addition and modification of service contents)]
Fan Club may change, add or modify service contents at any time without any notice for the purpose to provide better service and due to the management conditions.

[Article 14(Suspension of the services)]
The service may be suspended due to a natural disaster or any unexpected incident. Fan Club will put the effort to solve the issues, however, will not take responsibility for any inconvenient incidents occurred due to the suspension of the services.

[Article 15(Dissolution of the Fan Club)]
If Fan Club confronts difficulty in operation by unexpected issues, the Fan Club will be dissolved.

[Article 16 (Modifying the contents of the agreement)]
Fan Club may modify the contents of this agreement to manage the club efficiently. Fan Club immediately informs the changes to all members through the exclusive site.

All articles not stated in this term will be publicized in accordance with the service announcement, and will be prioritized and respected to follow accordingly to the terms and the conditions of each service.