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[FC Information]
Club Euclid International (Hereinafter “Fan Club“) is the fan club for Golden Bomber, Guild, Anli Pollicino and Zombie.
If you wish to join this fan club, please read below contents carefully and register with agreement.

このファンクラブは、日本国外にお住まいの方、及び日本国内在住の日本国籍以外の方を対象とした限定サービスです。上記以外の方で、ファンクラブへのご入会をご希望の方は、こちらからお申し込み下さい。(CLUB EUCLID Official Site, ゴールデンボンバーオフィシャルファンクラブ『マルキン』
This fan club is a service limited to all persons living outside Japan and non-Japanese nationals living in Japan.
For persons not included in the previous, please join from here. (CLUB EUCLID Official Site, Golden Bomber Official Fan Club “Marukin”

<Service overview and entrance fee>
- First year: JPY 5,000 (entrance fee JPY1,000, annual fee JPY4,000)
- Second Year and after For Subscription: only annual fee JPY 4,000
Buy one year annual fee JPY 5,000

First year Second year and after

5,000 JPY

4,000 JPY

One year payment

5,000 JPY

5,000 JPY

As of 22 April, 2013, the artists applicable for this service is as follows:
Golden Bomber, Guild, Anli Pollicino, Zombie

As of 22 April, 2013, the language for all contents are in English. Contents in other languages are planned to be available in the future.

<Membership Service Overview>
For detail for fan club service and terms please read here.