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Update [CEI Store] Pre-order Golden Bomber Fanclub Tour 2016 "Fan Club Haittete Kurete Arigato Sai"
2016-10-19 News
Update ZANYZAP PRESS 2016 SUMMER - Golden Bomber "Shooting for Mizushoubai Yametekurenaika"
2016-09-15 Special Features
Update [Tickets] Utahiroba Jun Talk Live [~8/21]
2016-08-18 News
Update Notification regarding live tickets of Utahiroba Jun Talk Live.
2016-08-05 News
Update ZANYZAP PRESS 2016 SPRING - Anli Pollicino "12-Month Two-man Project"
2016-08-01 Special Features
Update [CEI Store] Golden Bomber Utahiroba Jun birthday goods Now on Sale!
2016-07-27 News
Update Notification of Summer holidays
2016-07-27 News
Update [Important] Information for Fans Attending Golden Bomber "FC exclusive event"
2016-07-22 News
Update Kouichi (Guild) Live Information
2016-07-11 News
Update Guild Magazine Information
2016-07-11 News