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Update [Tickets] Golden Bomber FC Only Tour "MUKASHINO KINBAKU" 2nd Round [~4/23]
2017-04-19 News
Update Golden Bomber Web Information
2017-04-13 News
Update Golden Bomber Web Information
2017-04-05 News
Update Kyan Yutaka (Golden Bomber) Live Viewing Information
2017-03-28 News
Update Golden Bomber Media Information
2017-03-17 News
Update [Tickets] Golden Bomber FC Only Tour "MUKASHINO KINBAKU" [~3/23]
2017-03-16 News
Update [CEI Store] Golden Bomber Release & Pre-Order Information
2017-02-27 News
Update [CEI Store] GUILD SEASON1 LAST LIVE - DEPARTURE - at Akasaka BLITZ Pre-Order Start
2017-02-24 News
Update [CEI Store] Zombie "Bokura wa Minna Shindeiru." Now on Sale
2017-02-24 News
Update Guild (Kouichi) Live Information
2017-02-24 News