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English version: GENERAL INFORMATION / Privacy Policy
日本語: 利用規約 / プライバシーポリシー

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Cool Japan Inc. Privacy Policy
Personal Information Protection Policy
Cool Japan Inc prescribes this Privacy Policy based on the ethical codes of the company for the necessary operation of personal information. It is for us to found a personal data administration system and realize the obligation as the enterprise side.

1. We specialize in using the personal information you provide us, and operate the information in a necessary and proper range.
2. All personal information is to be collected in legal and reasonable ways.
3. Without your consent, we will not provide your information to a third party.
4. We process the personal data necessarily and appropriately to protect against the disclosure, loss and destruction.
5. We ensure your involvement in your personal data and update the correct and latest information.
6 We pledge to obey laws on guarding privacy, to set and improve the discipline on privacy protection inside the Cool Japan Inc.

Privacy Policy
Cool Japan Inc respects the privacy of yours as a user of the site registered “Copyright 2007 cool Japan inc. All rights reserved.” (referred as “music JAPAN” below), and deals with your private information (to be described in detail below) cautiously.

The Description of Personal Information
Personal information means the data relating to the user himself, by which the user can be distinguished, including name, address, telephone number, mail address, school name, etc. Moreover, when those are not enough, the information that could be coordinated with others to identify the user is also contained in the range of personal information.
Aim to use personal information
The aim to use personal information is described below. We will not make any use beyond what is stated.
A. to be used for identifying registration to music JAPAN and providing services to the members of music JAPAN
B. for a contemporary backup conservation during the operation of music JAPAN
C. for the registration to surveys , polls and contests, connection with winners, Successful announcement and delivery of prizes
D. for the application to making articles as monitors or interviewees, and for the contact with applicants
E. for the distribution to the user the information admitted specially as mail magazines or notices
F. for the notification permitted specially on inviting the user to an interview or survey
G. for dispatching the URL information to an empty-mail sender
H. for responding advice to questions on the service of music JAPAN
The Option to Providing Personal Information
You can decline to submit the personal information to any necessary course in our service, in which case you may not be able to accept those services. Personal Information Sharing with A Third Side Party
Cool Japan Inc will not provide the personal information to a third party without the user's consent. For specialized target or content, it will be provided only with user's consent. However, in cases below, the personal information can be supplied legally.
A. The case where the user hurts the benefits of others
B. The case that it is difficult to get user's permission only in a necessary situation for improving sanitation or for promoting the fair development of children.
C. The case that it should be done to cooperate with the legal mission of any national institution, local communal organization, or their representatives, under which getting user's permission may trouble the mission.
D. The case that it is demanded for the release of personal information by court, prosecutor's office, police, bar association, the consumer center or other institutions authorized.
E. The case that the user has required publicly to release his or her information.
F. The case that it is consented legally to release the information.

The Description on The Third Side Party
In the cases below, the identities that get the personal information will not be treated as the third party.
A. Those to whom Cool Japan Inc has committed all its personal data operating business or parts of the business, which is limited in the range of achieving the aim of personal data use.
B. Those in which the personal information is passed on by the business inherited for the merger of Cool Japan Inc
Exclusion of Responsibility of Personal Information Provision to a Third Party
In cases below, Cool Japan Inc will not be responsible for the third party's reception of user's personal information.
A. The case that you are to be identified according to the information submitted to music JAPAN.
B. The case that you provide your personal information in the outer sites linked with music JAPAN.
C. The case that someone else other than the user has obtained the information (ID, password) capable to sabotage the user's identity.
About the Use of the Access Log
In order to increase the convenience for users of music JAPAN, Cool Japan Inc sometimes collects access logs to create statistic data. If not demanded legally, we will not share the logs with a third party. If the user denies the delivery of the access logs, it may normally be listed as unavailable on the site.
The Outer Commission of Operating Personal Information
Cool Japan Inc sometimes commits all, or part of its personal information operation business to an outer party.
Use of the Statistic Data
Based on the personal information collected, Cool Japan Inc will make statistic data which could not be used to identify the user. For that special data, Cool Japan Inc can make full use without any limitation.
Change to Personal Information
It is the principle that only the user has the authority to release, correct, delete, stop using the personal information and request to stop sharing with a third party. However, in case that it might be dangerous to the life, body, possession or other rights of the user or others, or in case that it might harm the development of the services provided by music JAPAN, or in case it is illegal, we will not respond to the demands for personal information.
Moreover, in case that it costs much or is difficult to stop using or stop sharing personal information, we will take other measures to ensure the user's rights instead of responding the request of stopping use of the site.
The Accuracy of Personal Information
Cool Japan Inc is to deal the data collected precisely. However, the accuracy and newness of the data depends on the users.
Limits on Collection of Delicate Information
As principle, Cool Japan Inc does not collect the information mentioned below. However, it will be treated as your agreement if you provide it.
A. items about theory, faith and religion
B. items about race, ethnic, family registry (except the information on the prefecture you live), items about physical or mental disability, criminal record, or other items relating to social discrimination
C.items about the workers' right to unite, make union negotiation, or other items about union activity
D. items about participation in demonstrations, exertion of petition authority, or items about other political authority
E. items about medical condition or sexual life
About the Management on Personal Information
Based on the personal information collected, Cool Japan Inc will make statistic data which could not be used to identify the user. Cool Japan Inc can make free use of that statistic data without any limitations.
About the Identification
When registering as a member of music JAPAN, making use of the services as a member, or accessing to reveal, correct, delete the personal data or stop the account, Cool Japan will try to identify the user as himself by necessary information (name, address, telephone, birthday, mail address, member code, password, etc.). However, in case that anyone else gets your personal information and uses it, Cool Japan Inc will take no responsibility.
Changes to this Privacy Policy
Except under the situation involved by the rules of law and regulation, Cool Japan Inc holds the right to change the privacy policy at any time.
The Cool Japan Inc privacy policy consists of the previous statements.








D.裁判所、検察庁、警察、弁護士会、消費者センターまたはこれらに準じた権限を有する機関から、個人情報についての開示を求められた場合 E.ユーザーご本人から明示的に第三者への開示または提供を求められた場合



◆第三者提供に関する免責事項 以下の場合、第三者による個人情報の取得に関し、当社は何らの責任を負いません。














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