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The real name: Liera Manuel Ivan
Birthday: February 9, 1984 Hometown: Nara
Nationality: Mexican
Height: 184.5cm
Weight: 65kg
Shoes: 27.5cm - 28cm
Blood type: B type
Hobby:Making of accessories, a friend
Special ability :Spanish
Music : Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin, New York Doll, Hadaka no Rallys etc
1984 He was born in Nara pre(Japan) on Feb 9.

1998 He was chosen as the first graduate, among 57,000 people, from the Okinawa actors school Tokyo District. He remained there for about 1 year, training in Music and Dance.

1999 He went to America and enrolled in a Senior High School in California.

2002 After graduating from high school, he went back to Japan and began his modelling career.

2004 He was chosen as a model for the Paris collection and appeared for a John Galliano show, playing an active part as one of the world's top models.

2007 He began his musical career with "euclid agency".

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