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Enka Girl Lupinus Class

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Enka Girl Lupinus Class
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A fusion of Japanese traditional Enka ballads, animation and pop idols.

Enka Girl Lupinus Class was founded with the purpose to create songs that will make Enka ballads known to the world outside Japan, riding the current zeitgeist and love of all things Japanese.

Enka ballads were almost forgotten and unheard of by today's younger generations; but with the clever blending of manga-like characters and captivating techno arrangements, Enka Girl Lupinus Class are now on a mission to bring Enka ballads back to the centre of the music scene, not only in Japan, but also in the rest of the world.

Enka is a musical genre that had its peak of splendour during the Showa era, but in recent days it has been on a steady decline, because its appeal has for long time been confined to elderly audiences.

Nonetheless, thanks to its very good lyrics and melodies, there is undeniable potential to change the perception of this genre, to revive it and to bring it back again to the attention of the younger generations and audiences abroad.

To achieve this target we opted for easy to listen techno arrangements that will captivate younger audiences. We bring Enka back to life with a new pop allure, by using manga characters that appeal the the youth market as well as the international audience.

In fact, even just 4 months since the start of their acivities, Enka Girl Lupinus Class live shows were already brimming with young and enthusiastic crowds, attracted to their atypically powerful staging of Enka.

Very soon Enka Girl Lupinus Class will bring this new anime-pop Enka to the entire world!

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