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Gacharic Spin

artist database

Gacharic Spin
Bass. F Chopper KOGA (ex.THE PINK☆PANDA)
Birthday: 12/22 / Blood type: O

Guitar. TOMO-ZO (ex.EU PHORIA)
Birthday: 09/10 / Blood type: A

Drums. Hana (ex.Almeria)
Birthday: 05/16 / Blood type: O

Keybord. Oreoreona (ex.EU PHORIA)
Birthday: 11/10 / Blood type: O

Gacharic Spin is a highly aggressive, fantastic and powerful girls band, with bassist F Chopper KOGA, guitarist TOMO-ZO, vocalist/drummer Hana and vocalist/keyboardist Oreoreona.

The group was formed in 2009, with Vocalist/Keyboradist Oreoreona joining in 2012 followed by the "Gacha Gacha Dancers" in 2013 to become the ultra-hyper performance they are now.

A perfect combination of chaotic Gacha-pin sounds bursting with individuality, Hana's vocals vibrate with her strength fortifying your will to party! While Oreoreona's melancholic singing gives an edgy color. Their overpowering performance and expert techniques blow away any audience, while their comical and explosive stage act makes them unique and transforms the whole music hall into a cranking party that anyone can enjoy. They have been overpowering audiences with over 100 live performances a year.

They contracted as instructors for training both the musical and stage performance of the single "GIVE ME FIVE!" by AKB48 in 2012. In May 2014, Gacharic Spin starred in their own movie, rocking the boat and expanding the range of their activities in various fields. In December 2012, having the vocalist Fuki (LIGHT BRINGER) as their new member, Gacharic Spin formed a side project "DOLL$BOXX" and made an enormous debut through KING RECORDS.

Gacharic Spin has been tirelessly evolving their activities not only in Japan but all around the world. With a rocking world tour and starring as the guest band at music festivals in different countries with a range of performance, wrecking the stage and leaving audiences overwhelmed with the Gacharic Spin whirlwind.

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