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Top Page > artistdb+ > MEJIBRAY > biography
Name: 綴 / Tsuzuku
Part: Vocal
Birthday: 12/15
Blood: O

Name: MiA
Part: Guitar
Birthday: 09/17
Blood: O

Name: 恋一 / Koichi
Part: Bass
Blood: B

Name: メト / meto
Part: Drums
Birthday: 1/17
Blood: A
Formed in June 2011, MEJIBRAY are a Visual-kei band of four members: Vo. Tsuzuku, Gu. MiA, Ba. Koichi and Dr. meto.
With a heavy sound and clear melody lines, their songs create a unique perspective, spelled in creative lyrics.
With this peculiar mix, MEJIBRAY are attracting all who dare to watch their performance.

In 2012, MEJIBRAY released their two-months consecutive singles in September and October, before heading out to their nationwide one-man tour, that eventually led them to a performance at Shinjuku BLAZE on November 11th, 2012.

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