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Vocal:Yamaguchi Ichiro
Guitar:Iwadera Motoharu
Base:Kusakari Ami
Keyboard:Okazaki Emi
Drum:Ejima Keiichi
Sakanaction are a rock band which combines high-end lyrics with
nostalgic four-key melodies, club music and rock to a unique sound.

In 2005 they started their activities in their home Sapporo.

With their 2010 released Maxi Single "アルクアラウンド / Walk Around"
(2010/01/13) they entered the sales charts at the top and gained high
reputation on major grounds.
Consecutively, with the release of their 4th album "kikUUiki"
(2010/03/17) they advanced into new fields with graphics and music
videos, while not slacking on musical parts. Their 2010 tour
"SAKANAQUARIUM 2010 kikUUiki" sold out the moment tickets went on sale
and they continued to play on the main stages of large scale outdoor
festivals. After their single release "Identity / アイデンティティ"
(2010/08/04) Sakanaction eventually climbed the stage of Nippon
Budokan in October of the same year for their "SAKANAQUARIUM 21.1(B)"
Tickets sold out equally as fast and they showed a performance full of
entertainment, unusual for a rock band.

With their unique "Identity", Sakanaction are keeping interested and
expectations at a high level.

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