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Vocal: Ryoga /Birth Date: Jul,03
Guitar: K /Birth Date: May,26
Guitar: Ray /Birth Date: Jul,10
Bass: KIFUMI /Birth Date: Jun,12
Drums: TOMO /Birth Date: Nov,18
* 1st Live
2008.4.8 TAKADANOBABA AREA (Hosted Live)

* One-man Live
2008.8.20 born Formation Anniversary Free 1st One-man live "Abnormal Fairy's" at TAKADANOBABA AREA
2008.11.15 2nd One-man live "death reddish" at TAKADANOBABA AREA
2009.4.28 3rd One-man live "-THE RAZOR MACHINE-" at SHIBUYA BOXX

* Further Band Activities
2008.4.9 born presents "bug screamo vol.01" at TAKADANOBABA AREA
2008.5.3 - 6.7 Tour "Abnormal skin's"
2008.6.7 born presents "bug screamo vol.02" at HOLIDAY SHINJUKU (Tour Final)
2008.10.15 born presents "bug screamo vol.03" at TAKADANOBABA AREA
2009.2.26 born presents "bug screamo vol.04" at TAKADANOBABA AREA
2009.7.9 - 7.29 First Japan-wide Hosted Tour "-The Madmen's Playground-"
2009.10.28 born presents "bug screamo vol.05" at TAKADANOBABA AREA
2009.10.30 - 11.1 Houston Marriott Westchase "'OniCon 2009'Houston, Texas USA"
2009.11.25 born presents "bug screamo vol.06" at TAKADANOBABA AREA
2010.4.9 2nd Anniversary Celebration born presents "bug screamo vol.07" at ROKUMEIKAN
2010.6.1 Indie PSC. Entry. Band name changed to BORN

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