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HAKUEI / HAKUEI (Vocals) Born_12-16
千聖 / CHISATO (Guitar) Born_12-04
PENICILLIN nano, a new unit formed at the start of 2006 by PENICILLIN vocalist HAKUEI and guitarist CHISATO, will be active for a limited period only - until the end of August of the same year.

The two have embarked on other solo activities in the past however, this is the first time that they have paired together during their 14 years as members of PENICILLIN.

In their solo activities, HAKUEI and CHISATO have challenged various types and styles of music, and what the two can give birth to seem limitless.

Tracks in development include digital style remixs of existing PENICILLIN songs, and original new songs that feature an aggressive sound style.

Although the band will be active for a limited time only, they will perform a vigorous schedule of live performances and CD releases.

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