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Birthday:6/7 | Blood:O

Birthday:4/2 | Blood:AB

Birthday:1/8 | Blood:B

Birthday:3/25 | Blood:A

Birthday:11/30 | Blood:AB
Sadie is a five-member band founded on February 2005.
The members consist of Voice.Mao, G.Tsurugi, G.Mizuki, Ba.Aki, and Dr.Kei, and they are all from Kansai area.
The attractive sound they produce is more than just visual rock that they take heavy and hard-core elements in with /Mao's sorrowful voice.
Ever since they got together, they've actively worked on their music and gained a reputation from fans, selling out every sound sources, no stocks left in shops.

The last show of maxi single release tour tickets was held in Akasaka BLITZ, and the tickets were all sold out, proving their popularity.
It's been 4 years since they got together and the latest album was released on February 25.
Their latest tour tickets were completely sold out, which the final show was held on May 2 at Shibuya AX.

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