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Part: Vocal
Blood type: O
Birthday: 05/11

Part: guitar
Blood type: A
Birthday: 05/26

Part: guitar
Blood type: B
Birthday: 10/21

Part: Bass
Blood type: O
Birthday: 12/27

Part: Drum
Blood type: O
Birthday: 03/20
SuG is a five-member band formed in 2006, consisting of Takeru (vocals), masato (guitar), yuji (guitar), Chiyu (bass), and shinpei (drums). Ever since they started in the scene they have been gaining attention with their strong positive message and their unique way of expressing themselves.

SuG takes its name from "thug," an English slang expression meaning people or "partners in crime" who move to their own direction without caring about what other people think. The concept behind the band is "heavy positive rock", and they are determined to give out positive messages no matter what.

SuG's songs are written by the entire band, and are a mixture of many different genres, all the way from catchy rap songs to heartbreaking ballads and hard rock numbers. The lyrics, which are said to be one of the top charm points of the band, are written by vocalist Takeru, who is known for his very unique world view and his emotional way of expressing it. For each release Takeru creates a concept and is in charge of music video direction, clothing and other artwork to make sure everything is related to the concept. Besides CD release, they have released novels, videos and fashion of their releases, and they call this "3D music".

The band has won support for its 3D music not just from the music industry, but also from the fashion industry and various sub-cultures. SuG's unique worldview and their way of expressing it has been highly praised both in and out of Japan, and they have gained a strong fan base all over the world.

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