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Kimura Kaela

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Kimura Kaela
Kimura Kaela (木村カエラ)
Birthday: October 24, 1984
Hometown: Tokyo, Adachi-ku
Blood Type: A
Major debuted in June of 2004 with 'Level 42', marking 14th place for the first time. Released her 2nd single 'Happiness!!!' followed by her 1st album 'KAELA' in December which ranked 8th place on the charts. She became recognized over the country by her appearance ON AIR of Vodafone's CM starting from February of 2005. The 3rd single 'Rirura Riruha', used in the commercial, achieved 3rd place on the Oricon chart. In the summer, she participated in various festivals and events such as 'Summer Sonic'. The movie 'Custom Maid 10-30', in which she took a part as the main actress, released at the end of October, came up as Okuda Tamio 10th anniversary solo debuted piece. Triggered by this, she released Okuda Tamio produced single, 'BEAT'. Entering in 2006, after the release of precedence single 'You', she released the long-awaited 2nd album 'Circle', turning out to achieve 2nd place. Following her release of the single 'Magic Music' in June, she participated in various summer festivals this year. On September 6th, she released the new single 'TREE CLIMBERS' (the TV-commercial song of 'Mode Gakuen').

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