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Last update:

Kyo Voice
Birthday: 2/16
Blood Type: B
Hometown: Kyoto Prefecture

Die Guitar
Birthday: 12/20
Blood Type: B
Hometown: Mie Prefecture

Kaoru Guitar
Birthday: 2/17
Blood Type: A
Hometown: Hyoko Prefecture

Toshiya Bass
Birthday: 3/31
Blood Type: B
Hometown: Nagano Prefecture

Shinya Drums
Birthday: 2/24
Blood Type: B
Hometown: Osaka Prefecture
February: Performs 18 shows including many sold-out shows in one month at their first North American Headliner Tour.
LA Times(2007.2.22) quotes「Dude, that's so intense」From NY to LA, the band causes a media frenzy
February 7th: In Japan, they release their 6th Album『THE MARROW OF A BONE』during this Tour.
All 26 titles (including Singles and Albums), released after their debut, hit the Top 10 on the Oricon Chart.
At the same time, the album is also released in 11 countries including America, Germany, and France.
England's major rock magazine "KERRANG!" gives the album a great review
March: Starts off the 21 Show Japan Tour at Makuhari Messe's Event Hall.
Their strict schedule paces rapidly, both in Japan and worldwide.
June: Goes on tour as a special guest with the band DEFTONES in their North American 28 Show Tour.
August: Performs their first live show in England.
Performs at Germany's huge rock festival "Wacken Open Air" and also, play with NINE INCH NAILS and TOOL at other festivals.
May: The world wants Dir en grey, and as a result, Album『Withering to death.』finally gets released in America.
Before the release, they tour 3 major cities to showcase their live, which was a huge success.
A special article was features in Billboard Magazine.
May to June: Tours Europe
Performs at"Rock am Ring"2 years in a row. They are the first Japanese Band to perform on the main stage. Other bands include the world famous GUNS N' ROSES、TOOL、and KORN.
July 31st & August 1st: Performs their first 2 show in Japan this year at NIPPON BUDOKAN with different titles for each day. Both shows sold out in 45 minutes, proving they are still in fact the hottest band in Japan.
August 4th: Goes on tour in North America for 2months.
The tour was presented by KORN"THE FAMILY VALUES TOUR"along with bands DEFTONES、STONE SOUR、and FLYLEAF.
October: Performs at Japan's Rock Festival"LOUD PARK"on main stage. Along with MEGADETH、and SLAYER, Dir en grey continue to shout out and cry out their real pains.
End of this year: Wins 2006 Best Music Video for 「SAKU」at MTV's program HEADBANGERS BALL.

March: Releases 5th Album『Withering to death.』.
Dir en grey's rock gets sharper than ever, and with time comes maturity. Their message, thus a warning, sets out to the world.
May 28th: Performs their first solo live show in Berlin. This was their first performance in Europe.
3500 tickets were sold out with fans gathering from all over the world.
Right after, they perform at Europe's largest Festival"Rock am Ring".
July 24th: Successfully performs solo at Olympia Hall in Paris with 2500 fans gathering.
November: Goes on tour with bands like THE USED、and STORY OF THE YEAR in Japan's first packaged tour"Taste Of Chaos Tour Japan 2005".

As they continue to tour, comprehending『VULGAR』 daily、Dir en grey's core became strong and absolute.
At the same time, fanatic fans from America speak up and offers from around the world starts pouring in.

January: Opens the New Year with a LIVE at Yokohama Arena.
In the Summer: 5 DAYS Live at Akasaka Blitz
September : Releases 4th album『VULGAR』. Their originality and style becomes established.
The birth of Dir en grey's rock, to embody the warped pain of the soul, was getting sharper with their message, thus compared to the rock in America, Dir en grey had now the same quality and nothing less.

January: Releases 3rd Album『KISOU』.
Tours Asia for the first time. 7 venues in countries China、Taiwan、Hong Kong, and Korea.
The success of the tour proved that there were fans in all of Asia.
In Shanghai, security officials had to be called in to calm the fanatic fans. This incident later became news in the newspaper.

Mainly performs live shows.
April: Performs at NIPPON BUDOKAN for the second time.
Their fame crosses the borders and starts becoming recognized in Asia.

September: Releases 2nd Album 『MACABRE』.
Performs all over Japan, as their name soon became famous along with their position that was undeniable.

January: Debuts from a Major Record Company.
All 3 titles released on the same day appear in the top 10 of the Oricon Chart.
July: Releases 1st Album 『GAUZE』.

Ranks 7th in the Oricon Chart from their independent label.
(Breaks the record as the highest ranking title from an independent label at that time)
November: Performs at NIPPON BUDOKAN, even before their debut, at the fastest rate ever.

February: Band forms in Kansai region, Japan.

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