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GACKT YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz - SHOW UR SOUL I. - July 30th in Barcelona, Spain.
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Top Page > articles > MJP World Team Exclusives > GACKT YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz - SHOW UR SOUL I. - July 30th in Barcelona, Spain.
One day of May 2011, Gackt announced officially that he would be back to Europe for summer. A larger tour, with bigger venues, it was an invitation for many more people to attend his spectacular show.

After the first stops in France and Germany, the 30th of July was the big day for Spain. The event took place in the famous venue Razzmatazz, with a capacity up to 2000 people. Many of us were aware of the weather forecast for the day, which said there would be a storm, and we were praying for it not to happen.
About 10 in the morning the truck with the stage, merchandising, instruments, etc. arrived. Later, the first bus with some staff members and personal belongings of the band was there. We already knew that the next bus would carry the band and it finally arrived by 4 P.M.
They were received between cheers and screams, and replied with enthusiasm. They were super happy and it was quite moving since the concert right before the Spanish one, that was supposed to take place in Toulouse, got cancelled. So the warm welcoming cheered them up.
With about 1100 tickets sold officially, it was the first concert of this tour up to the day that sold out more. The Spanish fans (and not only Spanish ones but also from other countries), are really loyal and we were looking forward so hard for the band's comeback, which was reflected in the tickets.

At about 5 P.M., it started raining gently... without being too worrying. However an hour later, there took place a strong hailstorm with hard winds. The queue got scattered, everyone looked for shelter like mad. We were truly scared, there were people that got sick, and others were trying to change their clothing because they were soaked wet. Thankfully it didn't last for long, and little by little the queue got back to normality. Still, little before the opening of the venue there was an official warning that the venue was half flooded and the concert might be cancelled. So we had to wait for a while more while the staff was drying the venue up, so the concert was delayed significantly.
When entering the venue, the first thing that caught my attention of the venue was how close the stage was from the crowd, there was no space in between. The only thing that separated the stage from the crowd was a very high fence, approximately 170 cm tall, that was rather dangerous too. They had us waiting more and more, we were starting to be desperate...

Finally, the secretary made his announcement. It was the same as last year, "prohibited dying during the concert, but if you do it you'd better do it with a smile on your f***** face"... and similar messages that were funny and made the waiting more bearable while we saw the technicians testing the instruments, smoke effects and lights.
The concert started off about an hour later than expected. The songs that they played were half the same that they played last year, the other half brand new songs still to be released and of unknown title. However, we got hold of the titles of the new songs!

The already known songs were good, but the change in the list has given place to a concert less focused on rock and more oriented to pop-rock. It results in a way funnier and informal concert than the one from last year, adapting as well to the several changes.

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