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Live Report: D in Cologne
MJP World Team Exclusives


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D VAMPIRE SAGA in EU ~Path of the Rose~
May 17th at Werkstatt, Cologne; Germany
Welcome to the World of D

D hast started their first European tour on May 7th, 2011 in Paris/France with an overall of 10 performances all over Europe, including 3 concerts in Germany.
On May 17th they were playing at Werkstatt in Cologne and I've been part of this wonderful event.

Having celebrated their 2nd major anniversary last year they have been finally able to tour overseas and show off their talent and charm.

The fans have already begun to gather in front of the hall around 1 pm, even though the concert started at 8 pm. This only begins to show how long they have been waiting for D to come to Europe.

As though the venue was quite small it did not detain the fans from filling up every last inch. Armed with merchandise everyone was waiting for the concert to start and became silent in an instant as soon as the light dimmed and the opening song of D began to play.

Everyone was clapping to the beat while Hiroki (drums), Tsunehito (Bass), HIDE-ZOU (Guitar), Ruiza (Guitar) and Asagi (Vocal) entered the stage and began to heat up the mass.

Asagi pulled out a small Maikasa (traditional Japanese rice paper umbrella), began to rotate it and initiated a beautiful cherry blossom shower. Showing off some very elegant traditional dance move he was wearing a rich in detail red Kimono which is well known by fans due to the 'Ouka Saki Some ni Keri' PV.

'Schwarzschild' began to play and prove to be a very good opening choice as the fans began to raise their hands immediately and sang along with Asagi. During the first seconds of the song Asagi exchanged his umbrella into a more handy fan which was accompanying with his moves very well.

The song ended and passed over to '7th Rose ~Return to Zero~', Asagi was leaving the stage and HIDE-ZOU began to excite the fans, turning the instrumental part into a rocking party: "Are you ready?!" - "SHOUT!". The audience cheered for the instrumental part of the band and welcomed Asagi back on stage right in time for the vocal part of '7th Rose', now wearing his Vampire Saga outfit along with the rest of the band. Surprisingly Asagi pulled out a whip, animating the mass to dance with him as he lashed to the beat.

Tsunehito accompanied Asagis singing quite a lot of times, even though he was not using a microphone and was just showing off that he knows every little song to the core. Due to the size of the venue it became pretty hot and everyone had to be envying HIDE-ZOU for the blower right next to him. Fortunately the heat was not weakening the power and atmosphere of the performance and the fans enjoyment.

After a few songs Asagi began his first MC with some German phrases he has learned during his stay in Germany, the concert in Cologne was already the 3rd and last live in Germany for this tour. He mixed German with English and fired off the next song 'Night-ship "D"'.

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