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Careful, We're Trying to be Philosophical!
MJP Twitter Stories


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MJP Twitter Stories: Careful, We're Trying to be Philosophical!

-- So the end of the year is drawing near, and while at this point it does not look like the world will end in a month, autumn and winter get most people on the melancholic side. Hence not to make you laugh out loud and feel uncomfortable, we decided to look into the deep musings of our artists.

RUKI (the GazettE): With each generation, more useless words are born, despite it actually being better to deepen the important ones. I would like to be a person that can use simple words and bring things across to others directly.

-- Say what you have to say as it needs to be said, because before you know it the chance might have passed.

AOI (the GazettE): As a very important friend will be ending his work in Tokyo tomorrow and return to his origins, I dropped by at the usual bar. I felt that with the time, I learned to value this unchanging face. In each live each person is their own lead character and I would like to add flowers to that. Cheers to the departure of a friend.

-- Friends are important. Value the ones you have and make an effort to be around. Let them go when you have to, but treasure your memories.

Mizuki (Sadie): May the live performance be the place for everyone to be. That's what I wish for.
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