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the GazettE's Aoi Q&A Session! - Part 2
MJP Twitter Stories
Joana / Photo: Joana


Top Page > articles > MJP Twitter Stories > the GazettE's Aoi Q&A Session! - Part 2
MJP Twitter Stories: the GazettE's Aoi Q&A Session! - Part 2

-- Aoi has been going about a number of topics again in another rush of replies to his fans. We hope you all have learned by now, which tweets to take serious and which to take with a grain of salt. Here we go!

Fan1: I went by train for an hour and a half to nurse my guy-friend after he caught a cold. Do you think this is still friendship?

Aoi: He is playing you way too much!

Fan 2: You do know a lot about what to do when not being able to sleep, right?

Aoi: It happens a lot, that even though I mentally prepare to sleep, that I can't drift off without deciding on a position.

Fan 3: I want to really form a band and I have been looking around, but I just can't find a good band. What was the chance by which Aoi met the members of the GazettE?

Aoi: If you look down on others, you won't find the good guys.

Fan 3: I didn't intend to look down on others...But I haven't been able to interact well with people amidst the music I would like to make. I wonder if I can find a band.
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