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Festival Q&A feat. Kagrra,
Seasonal Survey of the Stars
kanako / Trans: Makiko&Celley / Photo: ***


Top Page > articles > Seasonal Survey of the Stars > Festival Q&A feat. Kagrra,
Festival Q&A feat. Kagrra,


1.There are various festivals in the summer, like the Star Festival. If you could hold a festival of your own, what would you name it and what kind of festival would it be?
-- "鬼祭り / Oni-matsuri"!! (Note: "Oni-matsuri" is an event at festivals in which people ward off devils praying for their health or rich harvests.)

2.Festivals generally include lots of street stalls. Are there any you consider necessary for a festival?
-- Goldfish scooping. (Note: "Goldfish scooping" is a game to scoop up goldfish from a shallow and broad pool with a special scooper called "poi" which is made of a plastic frame and handle with a thin paper on the frame. Unless a player scoops up well a thin paper would easily break when put into water.)

3.Which member of Kagrra, loves festivals or festival stuff the most? Tell us the reason, too!
-- We all prefer to stay indoors, so nobody.

4.Suppose you are going to see fireworks with your friend on short notice! What color and design of "浴衣 / Yukata" (Japanese summer kimono) would you choose to wear?
-- Black!! All black!!

5.It's a tradition to write your wish on a strip of paper and hang it on a bamboo branch on the day of the Star Festival. Will you share the wish you hope will be fulfilled?
-- Get me the world, please...
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