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Memories of Spring Q&A feat. LM.C
Seasonal Survey of the Stars
Kanako & LM.C / Photo: LM.C


Top Page > articles > Seasonal Survey of the Stars > Memories of Spring Q&A feat. LM.C

Memories of Spring Q&A feat. LM.C

In Japan, April is when you're able to see cherry and plum blossoms bloom everywhere along with all sorts of other flowers of spring. For many people it is also when they make their first forays into new schools and workplaces. [In Japan the school and fiscal year starts on April 1st.] Although there aren't any big events compared to Christmas or the New Year, it is a time when everyone is excited about meeting new people and making new discoveries.

During this 'season of meeting new people', from Aril 3rd LM.C has started their worldwide tour! There are making stops all over the world to meet their overseas fans. For quite a few people this tour could be their first time to see LM.C. Also, since this is their first overseas tour in a year, for many others this might be an opportunity to make a long-awaited reunion.

For this edition of Seasonal Survey of the Stars we asked LM.C about their 'memories of spring'. What were maya's and Aiji's initial impressions of each other when they first met? Here's a chance to hear about the 'beginning' of LM.C; something that they now don't often talk about.

LM.C also has a message for people who have come to know them just this spring. Have a look at that part too!
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