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MIYAVI - St Petersburg / Glavclub
Fashion Check
Light Darkness / Photo: Ksyu Zerrain, E.Lomkova, D.Mamin, Eliza White


Top Page > articles > Fashion Check > MIYAVI - St Petersburg / Glavclub
St Petersburg greeted Miyavi with a sunny weather and cloudless sky that was unusual for Russian autumn. It was the first visit of the King of Neo Visual Rock to Russia where he spent two unforgettable days! Moreover, he could get an opportunity to see with his own eyes his Russian Ko-Miyavis and feel their love, energy and support!

This Fashion Check was held in Saint Petersburg on September, 20th, 2009. This concert during his "Neo Tokyo Samurai Black World Tour 2009" became an ideal meeting place for those who bring love to Miyavi in their hearts for several years. Needless to say, that this show was a real source of positive and happiness in everyday life.

In this Fashion Check we present to you short interviews with Miyavi's fans from Russia! Were you with us in this evening?! Maybe, will you find your friends' photos on musicJAPANplus pages? Check it out!

We asked Miyavi's Fashion Check five short questions. They are as following:

•Real name or nickname

1.What's the highlight of today's fashion?
2.Where do you but clothes usually (Places you usually go)? Your favorite brand/shop.
3.What's your favorite CD cover of 雅-miyavi-? And why? What about CD style?
4.If you plan to cosplay 雅-miyavi-, what kind of clothes will you wear?
5.Let's pray for a success of 雅-miyavi-'s world tour. Please write down your message to him to show your love!

Please pay your special attention on the gloves on fans' hands! It's a surprise for Miyavi from Russian Ko-Miyavis - you can see a red heart painted on a palm! Many fans put on these gloves and waved their hands in purpose of showing to Miyavi their love! It means that hundreds of fans brought their hearts to him!!!

Do you want to see it by yourself?! Scroll down this page and click "Next" to enjoy the full Fashion Check!!!
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