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JACK IN THE BOX 2010 SUMMER Special Feature Starts!
kanako / Trans: Shin Kosuge


Top Page > articles > JACK IN THE BOX 2010 SUMMER > JACK IN THE BOX 2010 SUMMER Special Feature Starts!
The live event 'JACK IN THE BOX 2010 SUMMER' will be held soon! It's August, and that means we're in the thick of the summer season here in Tokyo! How's the weather where you're living? From bright, sunny Tokyo we present...the 'JACK IN THE BOX Special Feature'!

But before we begin, have you ever heard of 'JACK IN THE BOX'? It is a live event hosted by [the music production company] MAVERICK DC GROUP. Each year the event is held in the summer and winter.

For this summer the event will be held on August 21st at the Makuhari Messe Exhibition Halls. The artists that are scheduled to perform are acid android, DEAD END, girugamesh, Ken, kyo, MUCC, Sid, TETSUYA, VAMPS, ZORO, 44MAGNUM, Alice Nine, Becky‚ô™#, LM.C, sads (and more!).

Just by looking at the gorgeous lineup fans are bound to feel excited about the 'summer music festivals'.
This year MJP will post a series of articles that will give you an in-depth look at 'Summer JACK'!

Special projects related to the event have already started, so don't forget to have a peek at them too.
Everyone around the world, let's all enjoy JACK IN THE BOX 2010 SUMMER!

Here's a special feature in which the performing artists themselves will participate!
We met some of the bands that had performed at previous JACK IN THE BOX 2010 SUMMER events and asked them some questions about JACK IN THE BOX 2010 SUMMER.
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