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kanako / Trans; Shin Kosuge / Photo: yuki & kanako


Name: Naito Risa
Age: 26 years old
How long have you been working at this store?:
2 years

--What do you like about this brand?
The brand has a unique classical style. The items are cute but could be worn by people of all ages. You get to regularly enjoy wearing a corset that will maintain a tight, beautiful figure.

--What is the main concept of your fashion today?
I dressed up like a lady while incorporating some men's clothing. I combined the formal-looking tuxedo shirt with regimental stripes to wear them in a way that only a girl can!

--Do you have any tips on how to wear the brand's items?
Wear a corset along with items from other brands to provide an accent. Or you could fully immerse yourself in the worldview of EXCENTRIQUE by wearing our items from top to bottom. Please wear them in any way you wish.

--Who is your favorite artist/celebrity?
Arashi! Amuro [Namie]-chan.
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