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[SHOXX vol.209 INTERVIEW] Finally starting, amidst earnest expectations, is KISAKI'S new band, LIN.
MIYUKI MURAYAMA / Trans: Shin Kosuge, Aiko, Kaei / Photo: SHOXX


Top Page > articles > SHOXX > [SHOXX vol.209 INTERVIEW] Finally starting, amidst earnest expectations, is KISAKI'S new band, LIN.
Their first commemorative sound source since the band formed is "As If Forever Exists," which will be released on June 2nd. The melody is from a wide range of songs, but you still cannot grasp the whole picture of the band with just "static" and "dynamic" in contrast to convey to the world: Lin will set forth this concept that you can feel strongly. A live is determined to be seen soon. Don't miss out.

-- It also came with the title track ballad, but it is quite an adventure isn't it?

KISAKI: Inside of me there is nothing adventurous, though. Why originally a ballad? (laughs). I have this scene I returned to, a mental state where I return to the strait words of my lyrics.

-- How did everyone react?

REIYA: Well, they were a little surprised (laughs). But the nature of the message, I believe is easy to understand.
KANATA: I think it's what Mr.KISAKI want to convey mostly. It's very important to do this at the very beginning.
KISAKI: Because I hope that we can proudly announce: "This is LIN".

-- Is that so, I think your band is very quiet, isn't it?

KISAKI: From the perspective of the people who supported me and my music career, I don't think it's a question. In KISAKI PROJECT, there were only ballad, and coming up with a beautiful tone, or a subtle aspect, of a music portion of vanity took on a serious look.

-- Sure. The band's name was credited for composing the songs, but in what way were they made?

KISAKI: It was originally demonstrations and melodies, KANATA and I felt we had to extend the guitar.
KANATA: When I read the lyrics, I thought, "What would best fit this magnificent ballad?" While there is the commitment to complement the lyrics, even without lyrics, the feelings transmitted into images that work.

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