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[02/14 Final Result] MJP Valentine's Voting
Happy Valentine's Special Corner!!
kanako / Trans:


Top Page > articles > Happy Valentine's Special Corner!! > [02/14 Final Result] MJP Valentine's Voting
Q. From which artist do you want to receive chocolate?

Band Member Ranking
1. RUKI(the GazettE) 1100pt
2. AOI(the GazettE) 910pt
3. Aiji(LM.C) 780pt
4. Sho(Alice Nine) 690pt
5. maya(LM.C) 590pt
6. URUHA(the GazettE) 570pt
7. REITA(the GazettE) 480pt
8. hyde(L'Arc-en-Ciel) 400pt
9. KAI(the GazettE) 370pt
10.Tora(Alice Nine) 310pt

11.Kamijo(Versailles) 280pt
12.Saga(Alice Nine) 270pt
13.Kazuki(SCREW) 270pt
14.Karyu(D'espairsRay) 260pt
15.Takeru(SuG) 240pt

The ranking for the artists you would like to receive chocolate from is a little different, but RUKI reigns at its top there still! (laughs)


Q. What kind of song will you listen to on Valentine's Day?

・Pledge / the GazettE
・Natsukoi / SID
・anything / Satsuki
・My Funny Valentine / BUCK-TICK
・Love Song / LUNA SEA
・Dearest Wish / SCREW
・Smile Maker / NEWS
・On My Mind / KAT-TUN
・Kimi no Suki na Uta / UVERworld
・Love is Dead / D'espairsRay
・Satsuki / You
・Memeshikute / Golden Bomber
・Mata Yume de Aimashou / MIYAVI
・Love So Sweet / ARASHI
・Cinderella / Irokui
・jojoushi / L'Arc~en~Ciel
・Valentine Kiss / Suwabe Junichi
・Meguriaeta Kiseki / An Cafe
・The Saltwater Room / Owl City
・Everlasting Love / Aoi from Ayabie
・Smile World / DaizyStripper
・Valentine Kiss / Tenipuri seiyuus
・Valentine / D'espairsRay        etc...

For Valentine's you have named a number of romantic love songs and we would like to present you a few. Some of you preferred the heavier songs still!

So which song did you listen to in the end today?
We hope you all spend a great Valentine's Day with your loved ones and your favorite song!

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