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[02/14 Final Result] MJP Valentine's Voting
Happy Valentine's Special Corner!!
kanako / Trans:


Top Page > articles > Happy Valentine's Special Corner!! > [02/14 Final Result] MJP Valentine's Voting
Hello everyone!
We know you have been waiting for this and here it is: The FINAL Result of the MJP Valentine's Voting!!
So where did your favorite artists did end up in the ranking?

Here are your favorite Valentines!
Q. To which artist do you want to give the chocolate?

Band Ranking
1. the GazettE 4930pt
2. LM.C 3900pt
3. GACKT 3630pt
4. D'espairs Ray 3480pt
5. Alice Nine 2830pt
6. Nightmare 1000pt
7. SCREW 990pt
8. Versailles 940pt
9. SuG 680pt
10.BUCK-TICK 540pt

11.ViViD 420pt
12.L'Arc-en-Ciel 410pt
13.ARASHI 410pt
14.DIR EN GREY 320pt
15.MIYAVI 310pt
16.Plastic Tree 300pt
17.AN CAFE 230pt
19.NEWS 190pt
20.girugamesh 180pt

On the next page you will find the individual artist and band member ranking.
Who were the artists ruling the higher ranks?
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