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2010/05/19 : Koda Kumi
Photo of the Day!
kanako / Trans: Joana / Photo: yuki


Top Page > articles > Photo of the Day! > 2010/05/19 : Koda Kumi
Take a look at the Photo of the Day!

Artist : Koda Kumi
Location: Shibuya Station
Time: 2010/03/05 PM6:00

Very nice! Within the Pepsi NEX commercial, various Japanese artists get to cover western classic rock song - Koda Kumi is covering "Got To Be Real", L'arc-en-Ciel get to sing "I Love Rock'n'Roll" and Kobukuro is performing "Layla".

It is said that Koda Kumi practiced her Pepsi-drinking expression for a whole week. During the filming she said, she was completely concentrated. Really a pro at her best!

As for Kobukuro...they shot the "Layla"-shout scene 207 times. Either way, while filming the CM they seemed to have had quite a bit of trouble.

Everyone, if you have the chance to watch the CM, please consider the hardship of the filming! And in case you have a CM, which you are very fond of lately, please tell us!

We are looking for interesting CMs from all over the world!(laughs)

Make sure to check the second page as well!
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