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2010/05/04 : Imawano Kiyoshiro
Photo of the Day!
kanako / Photo: kanako / Trans: Joana


Top Page > articles > Photo of the Day! > 2010/05/04 : Imawano Kiyoshiro
Take a look at the Photo of the Day!

Artist : Imawano Kiyoshiro
Location: Shibuya
Time: 2010/03/25 PM4:36

The other day, on May 2nd it had been Imawano Kiyoshiro's 1st anniversary of his death in 2009. He was considered the KING OF ROCK in Japan and his death was certainly a shock to the whole music industry. Time had been passing quickly it seems and on May 2nd a whole year has already passed.

He had been loved by just as many people as he had been shocking. Still a number of events are held in honor for him by the people he inspired, like SUGIZO. Also, the song "REMEMBER YOU", composed by Imawano is used in Ryo Nishikido's first movie "Chonmage Purin", which will hit cinemas on July 31st.

When it comes to the 2nd of May, there is also hide, we should not forget. On the exact same date, there have been a number of fans and relatives been gathering this year to lay down flowers for this amazing guitarist and solo-artist at the memorial ceremony.

With these two, who had been shaking the music scene like while alive, May 2nd has become a journey to the sky. If they are still continuing to play music over there...?

This year, we are waiting for your messages to your beloved artists in the musicJAPANplus forum.

Please send out your greetings towards them through musicJAPANplus...


2010/05/05 :Tokyo Jihen
 2010/04/27 : Oguri Shun and Co.

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