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Episode 164: w-inds. Member Refers to Keita's Drama Appearance as 'Chonmage Business'?
kanako / Trans: Aiko / Photo: kanako


Top Page > articles > PRESS NOTES > Episode 164: w-inds. Member Refers to Keita's Drama Appearance as 'Chonmage Business'?
Episode 164: w-inds. Member Refers to Keita's Drama Appearance as 'Chonmage Business'?

Hi everyone! I'm musicJAPANplus writer Kanako! Recently we seem to be meeting a lot in this PRESS NOTES corner (laugh). The week-long 'Golden Week' holidays came to an end on May 5th. That means here in Japan we won't have any national holidays until July...that's kind of sad, but we're going to continue to do our best!

On May 5th, the final day of the 'Golden Week', I went to a live event held by w-inds. exclusively for fan club members! Whenever I go see w-inds. perform, it's always at Tokyo Kokusai Forum (laugh). Is it just pure coincidence, or something more?

Since the event was entitled 'THE GOLDEN', I thought that they might appear wearing something shiny, but that wasn't the case (laugh). Keita was wearing a red sleeveless jacket along with red leather gloves. Ryuichi had put on a thin denim jacket (sort of like a cardigan) over a white T-shirt. Ryohei was wearing a black jacket with something red underneath. His stylish black hat was red on the inside; I was able to catch a glimpse of that red color.

I also thought that they may come onstage with the same costumes as the ones printed on the tickets. I was completely caught off guard! Here is the ticket☆

The performance that started on 14:30 with DA PUMP perform for the opening was added to the original one due to popular demand. Still, the place was packed with people! DA PUMP member KENZO made a guest appearance and together they performed a dance routine. [DA PUMP and w-inds. belong to the same management agency. DA PUMP debuted earlier than w-inds..] KENZO performed at the 'EURO BATTLE 2010' in which the world's best hip hop dancers compete with each other. He became the first Japanese dancer to win the grand prize!! He participated in the w-inds. event despite having just come back to Japan from the competition. It showed how much he loved his younger fellow artists!

Ryuichi put on a solo performance for the first time in 2 years. With a guitar in hand, he became a singer! "I decided to perform by myself as long as there are people who enjoy listening to me that way (laugh)." Ryohei immediately said "Hey wait a minute!! (laugh)" Don't forget that w-inds. is a 3 member group!!

As for future schedules they announced that they will perform at the 'UNITED -RISING DANCE FESTIVAL-'. The first 'UNITED' event was held in April, and according to Ryuichi, "Keita couldn't participate because of 'chonmage business'." Keita had been busy with the filming of the NHK TV drama series 'まっつぐ -鎌倉河岸捕物控- / Mattsugu -Kamakura Kashi Torimono Hikae'. ['Chonmage (丁髷)' is a traditional hairstyle commonly worn by grown men (mainly) during the Edo period (1603-1868).

'Mattsugu' takes place in the same period.] During the event in April, w-inds. performed their single 'Rain Is Fallin''. Miura Daichi, who belongs to the same record label, performed in place of Keita. Keita had been watching that performance from the audience seats. He said "Miura Daichi-kun looked really cool performing 'Rain Is Fallin'." While grinning Ryuichi asked "But weren't you jealous? Like 'Hey, that's my part!'" Keita smiled wryly and dodged Ryuichi's question by saying "No, I just thought that Daichi-kun had his own way of making his part look cool."

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