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Episode 155: Kawamura - Beautiful skin at every age!!
kanako / Trans: Joana / Photo: ***


Top Page > articles > PRESS NOTES > Episode 155: Kawamura - Beautiful skin at every age!!

Episode 155: Kawamura - Beautiful skin at every age!!

Hello everyone!
This is musicJAPANplus writer Kanako. ^^ As of late, the temperatures are really going up an down here in Tokyo, changing aggressively between warm and cold. It's very likely to catch a cold these days...How is it at your place? Please, take care not to fall sick with a cold!
And Tokyo these days...well until the other day it was all decorated in Valentine's colors, with the streets being lined with hearts in rich pink colors...but I was rather immune to this, as I spent the day on my own. (laughs)

So, how have you been spending your Valentine's Day this year? Did you spend it with your lover, or maybe with your family...maybe even at the live performance of your favorite artist? I think everyone has a very unique way of spending their time that day, right? Did you know about the special Valentine's Day project here at musicJAPANplus? There have been special greetings from your favorite artist, which you most certainly don't want to miss!!

Well...around a day pretty close to Valentine's Day I was wandering around Tokyo, among all those couples, to get my interview with no other than Kawamura Ryuichi himself. He is not only active as a Solo-Artist theses days, but has also been the vocalist of legendary LUNA SEA. That day, he greeted me with a smile and yet when I saw that smile, I was surprised!! Somehow, he had really, really great skin... I was so envious! If you get a chance and know any secrets concerning that, please tell me!!

Either way, that day I asked him about his Solo-Album titled "sora (lit. sky)", which will be released on February 24th. My first questions were all centered around the title, because looking at the sky is just wonderful. In a very kind way, he said [The one just now.], when I asked him about What kind of sky he had looked up to last. Maybe you all have looked up at the sky just the same time as Kawamura Ryuichi! Isn't that a really nice thought in itself?

After that, we told me a lot of different things about the new album and I also received a message for all of you! (*^_^*) It is something very, very special, so please look forward to it!

Let's meet at the interview again, then!

Bye bye

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