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Episode 150: Will January 23rd be the New Birthday of Doremidan?
kanako / Trans: joana / Photo: kanako


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Episode 150: Will January 23rd be the New Birthday of Doremidan?

Hello everyone!
This is musicJAPANplus writer Kanako. Lately it has been rather warm around Tokyo and the temperature is almost enough for the cherry blossoms to start blooming. It was almost too hot to actually wear a coat. However, let's look back on one of the events this winter nonetheless, which was still pretty hot!

And not to forget that on February 14th it's actually Valentine's Day! This is the day where boys and girls confess their affection for each other with chocolate. Recently, though, there are also quite a few people rather giving cakes and cookies instead of chocolate. With every passing year Valentine 's Day is changing a little as well! Not too long ago, there was also the habit of "Return Chocolate"! Not the boys get chocolate from the girls, but the boys give it to the ladies. [On White Day we'd like three times what we got you!], was the secret understanding for the girls and the boys hardly had a chance to get out of that!

Anyway! Doremidan had been holding their very first concert in 2010! That day, their new member Yuu had been presented to everyone and it felt like a new Birthday for Doremidan for sure. He had been supporting the band as a bassist from before already; however, now he is a real member of the band all together. As for the staging, he was sure not to stand back behind the other members and showed himself properly to all of us!

Of course, during the MC Yuu as a new member came up in the topic and the entire band talked about him. [Speaking of Yuu...He is actually really cold! For me, I really like to ask people, if they are feeling OK. And so I did backstage, like "Do you need anything?" and all he said was "Reika-san, that's the second time you're asking!"] Reika commented on this episode. All Yuu could do at that instant was smile wryly and Makoto added [You don't ask either, do you?] The others said nothing, but they were all thinking the same, it seemed. (laughs) Next was Yuu's self-introduction, when he spoke in a rather cute voice [I'm looking forward to being with all of you !] to which Makoto turned to the audience and said [Isn't he cute?] and gained a lot of positive cheers. This was however followed by Yuu saying [I'm hungry...], and it was obvious, that he knew about his sweet side for sure!

One of the topics was also the fact that "Ryuu" and "Yuu" sounded rather similar. [So how do we go about that?] Makoto asked, to which Ryuu replied. [Well, for me it is twice as much fun, if I can mistake "Yuu" for "Ryuu", when being called.] Makoto pointed at him saying [So, Ryuu-sama!] obviously not taking it in. (laughs)
KEN on the other hand suggested [Maybe one of your names could be called doubled!]. So would Yuu be [YuuYuu] from now on, with this brilliant idea?? And since KEN is the one who is also being called [KenKen] they'd probably have a lot of fun as the future duo [KenKen & YuuYuu]. (laughs)

And this is how serious Doremidan started into their new year 2010! There have been quite a few MC's like that, which we will introduce to you in the live report. It was the band's first live of the year and the introduction of their new member, so don't miss it!!

Let's meet again, soon!!

Bye bye (^_^)v

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