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Episode 149: Doremidan: Memories of the Five Members Will Never Fade
kanako / Trans: Shin Kosuge / Photo: ***


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Episode 149: Doremidan, Memories of the Five Members Will Never Fade

Hi everyone! This is musicJAPANplus writer kanako!
Recently on a whim I've decided I should more fully enjoy Japan. So on my days off I've been visiting lots of different places. Even though I was born and raised in Japan, there are many things I didn't know about my country. I'm making new discoveries everyday! I was amazed to find traditional Japanese-style houses still remaining here in Tokyo...During one of my quests for novel surprises I headed to Omotesando FAB!!

The final concert of the Doremidan tour was to be held there that day. It was also the band's last live performance with all five members. [Bassist Shinji had announced he will leave the band after the final concert.] When I went inside the venue, a famous Beatles song was playing in the background. Is there a Beatles fan among the band members? If you have any info please let us know!

As the time for the show to begin drew nearer, more and more fans gathered, threatening to overflow the venue. FAB has a unique oblong-shaped audience space, with the area being longer than it is wide. From the front of the stage and all the way to the back and even outside the entrance, the place was packed with people, people and more people. The merchandise stand next to the entrance was having a field day!

Since this was the very last night for the members to perform together, right from the get go they played energetically as if it were the concert's climax. Watching the band performing like they always do, there were fans already shedding tears during the first song. The vocalist Makoto looked straight at the audience and said "Today's the final concert of the tour. We've played at many places all around Japan. From the first day, we were able to feel the thoughts and feelings of the fans. That helped us put on exciting shows everywhere we went." This was their first tour after making their major debut. But they purposely chose to perform at small-size venues similar to the ones they had used while they were an indie band. It was evident how much the band had evolved since then. "Each time we performed, we made sure to remember that we can never go back and redo a concert!!" With that in mind, Doremidan held wildly successful concerts at every stop. Their last concert at FAB was no exception. Up until the very last song they put on a passionate performance.

Through the course of their 5 year career, Doremidan has written and played many songs for the fans. For the closing night at FAB they performed a wide variety of songs, and some of the fans sang along with Makoto. At the end of the concert Shinji said farewell to his fans. The fans in turn said "We'll never forget you." The warm messages from the fans made some of the members, who had been holding back tears till that point, look down to hide their faces. The full live report of this night will be posted on musicJAPANplus in the near future. Don't miss the in-depth coverage of Shinji's final performance. See you again!! Bye-bye!

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