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Episode 148: SCREW 'We Promise the Five of Us Will Become Even Cooler!'
kanako / Trans: Shin Kosuge / Photo: kanako


Top Page > articles > PRESS NOTES > Episode 148: SCREW 'We Promise the Five of Us Will Become Even Cooler!'


Episode 148: SCREW "We Promise the Five of Us Will Become Even Cooler!"

Hello everybody! This is musicJAPANplus writer kanako!! A while back the weather forecasts were saying that we might have snow here in Tokyo...but not a single snowflake is in sight! With temperatures dropping we've been enduring the cold for a few days, but we apparently have a long way to go before seeing any snowfall. It's kind of sad how we don't get to see much snow compared to the countryside...How's the weather in your city? Please tell us!

During one of those cold days I went to see a concert held by SCREW. The bassist Yu-to had announced that he would be leaving the band after the live performance...he has appeared quite a few times in musicJAPANplus and will be sorely missed. So I was very intent on seeing SCREW perform with Yu-to one final time at [Shibuya] O-WEST!!

The concert started off just like any other concert, but Yu-to was dashing around the stage and flashing his smiles to the fans. It seemed as if he were trying to remember the faces of each and every one of the people inside the venue. There were only a few MCs in between, and the band was enjoying performing for the last time as SCREW with all five members. When Manabu and Yu-to's eyes met they started to run around in circles. Manabu then tagged Kazuki, making him join the fun as well!

It was evident that the members were genuinely having fun performing live. At the last part of the show Yu-to grabbed the microphone and with a smile asked the fans to make a promise. "SCREW will continue to climb upwards, so I'll appreciate it if you would continue to support the band." Some of the fans covered their faces with towels, but many people inside the venue loudly answered "Okay!!" That caused all the members to smile. Although Yu-to will graduate from SCREW and begin pursuing a different career, he will remain a vital part of SCREW history. The memories of the concert will be wholeheartedly treasured for years to come by the fans, members and also Yu-to.

After the concert finished, many fans continuously called for an encore, trying to be together with Yu-to for a little while longer. Some of them shouted "Yu-to, we love you!!" Finally Yu-to's 'graduation ceremony' was over.

A detailed report of the SCREW concert will soon be posted inside the musicJAPANplus special features+ section!! Please look forward to it! Bye-bye

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