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Episode 139: Kagrra, tweeting with fans at the beginning of their new club tour
Joana / Photo: Joana


Top Page > articles > PRESS NOTES > Episode 139: Kagrra, tweeting with fans at the beginning of their new club tour

Episode 139: Kagrra, tweeting with fans at the beginning of their new club tour

Hello, this is Joana from musicJAPANplus, I have only recently joined and for my very first live report as mJp-staff I had the honor to attend a concert of Kagrra, - the second show of their CLUB CIRCUIT 2009 [ 季 - meguri -] in Shibuya.

This concert had been special in many different ways, since we had been able to take you along with us on our official mJp-Twitter, with real-time coverage of what was going on before the live and behind the scenes. It was really exciting for us, too! Since the participation of the Kagrra,-members in this project had been announced, we were happy that so many people joined us in this great opportunity to be yet a bit closer to the band. It seemed that the time difference didn't matter: people stayed up for Kagrra, (e.g. Chifunii) and sneaked in on their twitter account during work (e.g. hasemichy), as we have learned. It was great to read, how everyone wanted to show their love for Kagrra, in their very own way.

The very first tweet we received from the band was written by Sin-san as early as 4pm in the afternoon, yet three hours until the concert. The other members followed, not too far behind and kept everyone constantly updated on what they were doing backstage and how they were feeling. We received a lot of warm greetings and curious questions from you as well, which made us really happy. I had a great time chatting with you...though my usual work got a 'little' delayed (laughs).
At about 6pm, our writer Kanako and I headed to the venue [duo EXCHANGE] in Shibuya to get to the concert and most fans here had already entered the hall. After all it was already dark and rather cold outside. And getting excited about seeing their favorite band and chatting with other fans would not only warm their hearts.

We passed the bouquets of flowers lined outside the hall and the stand with pretty Kagrra, merchandise, as we made it into the venue ourselves. Inside, we saw fans waiting, all in Kagrra, style clothes and some dressed as gothic lolitas or just normal. However, no matter what they were wearing, they all waited for Kagrra, and this common sentiment seemed to fill the hall more than anything.

Of course we also knew that our readers on twitter were waiting eagerly for more tweets from their favorite band members, as the show was so close to its beginning. For now, I can let you know as much as this: The moment you received the tweet from Isshi and the English translation of it, was the moment the lights went out and the music started. It seemed like real magic for me as well!

Btw. what was your guess on Kagrra,'s first song? Someone got it right? Here's the answer: the mysterious first song starting with 'a' was [a-ma-fu-ra-se ta-n-mai-na]. For more of the really great set list please look forward to the live report on this amazingly beautiful show of Kagrra, and a complete glimpse of everything that happened on stage. Please look forward to this and maybe we can do something like that again - and if so, you'll find it here: Collection of artist tweets !

Also, Thank you for all your support. It was great fun!


PS: And I think Isshi-san has a great sense of humor, too! He asked people in the front to make room for those in the back, so they can see better!(laughs)Why would he do that? And what were people supposed to see?
Now, you really need to read the report to find out!

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